Guessing Game

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What is Guessing Game?

The Guessing Game is a website that allows you to invite a bot to your Twitch stream to run a guessing game for your chat. The broadcaster, moderators, or users whitelisted by them can start a guessing game, end it, or mark guesses as correct. While a guessing game is running, anybody in chat can make a guess. If a guess is marked as correct any players who made that guess earn points.

General Setup

The following is a general guide on how get started using the Guessing Game in your Twitch chat.

Sign In & Dashboard

To get started head to the Guessing Game homepage and sign in using Twitch. Once you grant access you'll be redirected to the homepage and a sidebar with links to various configuration options for the bot. The Dashboard is where you will be able to invite the bot to your chat or request it to leave.

Invite GuessGameBot to Your Channel

On the Dashboard click Enable to invite the bot to your channel. If you wish to remove the bot from your channel after it has been invited you can click the button now labeled Disable and it will leave.

Setting Up Guessable Items

In order to make a guess or mark a guess as correct, you need to set up things to actually guess. For Guessing Game these are called Guessables.

When you create a Guessable you give it a Name to distinguish it from your other Guessables. You also give it a list of Variations. Variations are all of the words that mean the same thing as the item. Variations will be converted to lowercase and must be a single alphanumeric word.

For example, if you were creating a Guessable for the Lens of Truth in the Ocarina of Time Randomizer you would create a Guessable with the name Lens of Truth and would use Variations like lens, lot and you may choose to use lensoftruth as well, but cannot use lens_of_truth as underscores are not permitted.

Running a Guessing Game

The following is a guide on how to manage running a Guessing Game in your chat. These commands can only be run by you or your moderators. Whitelisted users can also run most of these commands. They cannot add or remove whitelisted users however.

Starting a Guessing Game

To begin a Guessing Game you type !start in your chat. The bot will respond saying a Guessing Game has been started so you can confirm it is active in your channel and has received your command.

This command will not work if a Guessing Game has already been started.

Marking a Guess Correct

Once you want to mark a guess as correct type !answer <variation> and it will remove all the guesses in the guess set that match the same item as the variation you typed and give those players a point.

Finishing a Guessing Game

To finish a Guessing Game you type !finish in your chat. The bot will respond saying a Guessing Game has been finished so you can confirm it has received your command.

This command will not work if a Guessing Game has not been started.

Adding Users to Whitelist

If you don't want to give someone Moderator status in your chat but you still want them to be able to run a Guessing Game, you can add them to the bot's whitelist. Sending !whitelist <user_login_name> in chat will add them to the whitelist and the bot will send a message confirming the command was received and if it worked.

Removing Users from Whitelist

To remove a user you no longer want running Guessing Games in your chat simply send !remwhitelist <user_login_name> in chat and they will be removed from the whitelist. The bot will send a message to let you know if the command worked or not.

Participating in a Guessing Game

These are the commands that players can use in your chat.

Making a Guess

In order to make a guess you send !guess <variation> in chat. If you have already made a guess it will be replaced with the new guess.

Keep in mind when you make a correct guess your old guess will be removed, but if you are making incorrect guesses you will retain your guess so you don't have to enter it again.

There is currently no feedback that a guess was accepted or not. This will likely be added at a later date.

Checking Your Points

During a Guessing Game you can type !points and the bot will respond in chat telling how many points you have earned in the current Guessing Game.

Outside of a Guessing Game the !points command will have the bot respond in chat with how many total points you have earned in the current channel.